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How to Survive Candy season

Candy. It’s something that many of us enjoy, and if you have a sweet tooth, it can often be tempting. But of course, it is a nightmare on your teeth, and often, it can be quite hard to avoid ingesting, however, eating candy can cause your teeth to rot, with cavities developing in them. However, there are different ways to help when candy season comes about, and you’ll be able to definitely have a much better and healthier smile because of it even between visits to your Kennewick dentist. These simple tips will make it better.
If you love chocolate, you want to go dark. Not only does dark chocolate taste great, it has a lot of positive benefits for your health, including fighting bacteria, and you can definitely get these if you have it in moderation. You should go for 70% or higher on the cacao content. This is a great and healthy chocolate to pass out to others.
Now, there are other ways to help with candy season as well. If a kid has candy, they can trade it for something else. It …